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2 nd annual summit of the PRCI project : ISRA- BAME takes stock of the project

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Research on Food Security Policy, Capacity and Influence (PRCI Project) held its second global gathering from 6-8 March in Washington, DC. The theme of this event is "Partnering to Build Capacity in Impactful Policy Applied Research": PRCI Achievements, Lessons and Next Steps". Under this year’s theme of the second Global Gathering centered on “Partnering to Strengthen Capacity for Applied Policy Research with Impact: Accomplishments under PRCI, Lessons, and Next Steps.” This gathering promises to be a forum for knowledge exchange strategic discussions.

Publié le 13 mars 2024

BAME researchers and Director took part in a three-day global meeting with other partners to assess the impact of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab project for research into food security policy, capacity and influence (PRCI).

Astou DIAO CAMARA the Director of the Bureau of Macroeconomic Analysis of the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research, Ndèye Fatou FAYE MANÉ a research fellow and Sokhatil DIOP Head of the Administrative Department

The ResearcherNdèye Fatou Faye Manémade presentations in plenary. These presentations focused on the research results of the collaboration with PRCI and RENAPRI. At the end, a country brief has been produced on « Policy Responses to Mitigate the Effects of Global Economic Shocks : Lessons Learned from the Senegalese Experience « and »Analysis of rice demand in Senegal".

The PRCI project has enabled ISRA-BAME to communicate effectively on its achievements and position itself with decision-makers to bring its research results to the highest level. It is through this project ISRA-BAME joined the African Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes (ANAPRI) implemented under the auspices of USAID’s Feed the Future initiative, the PRCI initiative has served as a catalyst for ANAPRI’s journey to become a leading think tank on the continent.

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